Wild Tranny Michelly's Ass Creamed On! Fuck!

From Cum Filled Trannys

Starring Michelly Araujo, Breno Biaggi

Tags Cumshot - Leg, Anal Creampies, Anal Sex, Blowjobs

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Added February 28 2011

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Meeting at a park bench, horny couple, Michelly Araujo and Breno can't WAIT to attack each other, licking taboo pleasure zones with their dirty tongues! Michelly is one of those ultra-feminine transvestites with a big 'ol firm ass that begs to be porked! Suckling on Breno's huge cock, it's immediately clear that this horny bitch's skills were something she was born with! Goddamn, when Breno mounts his prized whore and starts plugging away doggy-style, that asshole is so tight, it's minutes before he pulls out and sprays her tanned ass with white hot ropes of jizz!

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