Well Hung Shemale Jerks Her Own Fat Cock

From Tranny Auditions

Starring Michelly Araujo

Tags Solo Masturbation, Solo Tranny

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Added November 22 2010

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Michelly is a busty and extremely tanned transsexual with a penis that would put most dudes to shame! She's also very young and sweet, chewing gum around the braces in her mouth. As she poses in her lingerie, she looks completely passable; she's got huge tits and a great ass, and you'd never expect that she had a fat cock and balls hiding underneath those panties. However, when she pulls her knickers down, her erect penis springs out and she starts playing with it and waving it around. A lot of shemales have limp little cocks - but not this well hung hottie! She jerks herself off good and sprays jizz on her own leg.

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