Tranny Camilly Zanini Makes Vanessa Her Anal Bitch!

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Starring Camilly Zanini, Vanessa Loirinha

Tags Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum on Chest, Girls on Trannys, Oral Sex

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Added June 20 2011

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Ever wonder how a well-endowed tranny lays the pipe on a hot chick? Satisfy your curiosity straight away when Camilly Zanini, a fearsomely hot shemale takes Vanessa Lorinha on a trip to the wild side. They're both feeling up each others' bodies with Camilly reaching Vanessa's miniskirt and tickling Vanessa's cunt. Then, she lays back and lets the naive Vanessa suck her lady cock. When Camilly's rock solid she targets not Camilly's pussy but rails her straight in her asshole and never lets up until she makes her bitch open wide up for a hot swallow!

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